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Evinrude Outboard Cover Mailbox

Outboard Engine Mailbox

My Dad makes these colorful mailboxes from old outboard engine covers – this one was once an 18 H.P. Evinrude Ski Twin Electric Start. The front hatch becomes the mail door. As people drive by his mailbox they stop to look, smile and some make offers to buy – and he’s sold quite a few. Of course, we have one in front of our house now too!

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    1. My Dad makes these. He has a couple he’s working on. I will email you his phone number.

      1. Definitely very interested in having one made and shipped can you please contact me

      2. Please send me your dad’s contact or info for the outboard mailbox. Love it! Thanks Eric

  1. Hi Eric. I would also be interested in Outboard Engine Mailbox. Please let me know if he has any available. Thanks Komis

  2. Just saw your picture of a mailbox made out of an engine cover. We have several that we are trying to sell from an old Marina here in Edwardsburg Michigan. Would be happy to send you several pictures they would make wonderful mailboxes we will make you a deal and best offer accepted trying to empty out a pole barn

    1. If you can ship to Florida I might be interested. Can you send me a pics?
      Thanks, Komis

  3. I have one engine cover for sale at $200. This is the last and only one. Unfortunately, my dad’s eye sight deteriorated badly and he only got it partly completed. It has the bottom installed, still needs paint and flag installed. Most people paint to match their house color or go with a funky color scheme. The engine model is called Evinrude Big Twin. These engine covers are rare – this one came all the way from Maine. I’m located on Pine Island. I don’t care to ship, but I can meet you in the area if that works. If interested email me at dailypineisland at gmail dot com. Photo of it is here…

  4. I would love to buy one of these for a Christmas present for my husband! Is that possible?

  5. I would definitely be interested in buying a mailbox like this if anyone is out there selling these. Thanks.

  6. Hello all,

    I have one engine cover for sale. It’s an Evinrude shape, just like in the photo. It was only started by my dad, but never finished. These cases are hard to find since they are off old outboards. I will sell for $100. You will have to paint to your liking. I’ll try to email all who have inquired.

  7. I’m not sure how old this post is but I’ve been trying to figure out how to make at least one of these outboard boxes for my home I have alot of old engines and covers that maybe help out some of the other guys on here but I would love to get some kind of info and advice from your dad if he was to ever be willing to share with me I’d really appreciate it but if not then I understand thanks for your time.

  8. Hi, My dad would essentially make a plywood bottom and that would give him an attachment for the post. He usually added a handle for the door to make it easier for the postal worker. Hope that helped. Sorry, my dad passed away.

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