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13′ Boston Whaler Sport For Sale

I am selling our little 1979 Boston Whaler. It is kind of rare since almost all of these older boats for sale have been sanded down, holes covered up, poorly repainted, etc. This one is still factory original in great condition and with the original electric start 35hp Merc too! If you are starting a Boston Whaler museum this is a great first purchase. Imagine a 10 year old kid getting this boat to use – permanent smile! It has been a fun little boat, but situations in life change. Open to offers.

Growing Pineapple in Florida

My neighbor grew this pineapple last year. They are very easy to grow but do take some time, about a year and half or more! The technique is simple, buy a pineapple from the store, cut off the top just below the spikey part and place it about an inch in the soil. Keep it watered at first, then just leave it alone. Next, wait 2 years and voila. I now have one growing in my yard that’s about 10 months old.

Amazing Dolphins

Each week we see dolphins in front of our house. We run down to the waters edge to see their smooth bodies effortlessly fly around the docks and pilings as they hunt for fish. There is something unknown that connects them to me. Apparently, they have been on earth for over 10 million years. These deeply intelligent creatures can swim up to 25 miles per hour and to depths of 900 feet. They also love to surf! This amazing video was shot in Australia, but looks similar to the dolphins we see here in Florida. Song is Liquorlip Loaded Gun by Sticky Fingers.

Fuel Polishing Cape Coral FL

Fuel Polishing Pine Island FL

Our SeaPro 2100 had been running rough on and off for a few months. After replacing fuel lines, filters, primer bulb and spark plugs we still could not figure out the solution. Considering the fuel tank had been in the boat since new and had never been polished we decided to go for it. We called 3 fuel polishing services in the Cape Coral area, only one replied… Chris Hill from Advanced Fuel Solutions, LLC. In fact, he and his coworker came out that very afternoon, polished the tank and the photo shows the before and after. What a difference! If you look closely, the jar on the left shows about 3/4″ of crud at the bottom. After polishing and one more filter change the boat is reliably running great! If you need fuel polishing in St. James City, Bokeelia or Cape Coral we recommend Chris at Advanced Fuel.

Punta Gorda Airshow

Punta Gorda FL Airshow

My Dad and I went up to the Punta Gorda Airshow today. Although the traffic was terrible (1.5 hours waiting to get parked) and it was beyond hot out in that field, we managed to enjoy a few hours of cool planes and interesting stories. If you go, bring chairs, an umbrella or sun tent and plenty of cold liquid.

Heliconia On Pine Island Florida

Heliconia on Pine Island Florida

For my birthday, my wife bought me some Heliconia Bahai (bah-hi). Heliconia are my favorite plant and cover over 200 species. Although they don’t flourish in the winter months in Florida, they really come to life in the wet, hot, rainy summer. Here’s a photo of the first new flower beginning to bloom. Later, these two bracts will grow to 9 or 10 and it will be stunning. This plant is over 7 feet tall! If you know what this particular cultivar is please let me know in the comments.

Pine Island Florida Fishing Charter

Fishing off Pine Island Florida

My neighbor, and expert fishing guide, took me out for a fishing trip yesterday! It was dead low tide at 7 AM but Bill was unfazed, he loaded up his 28 foot Grady White and headed out of Pine Island Sound and navigated through Boca Grande Pass. We caught bait fish along the way and continued on until we were about 30 miles off the coast of Sanibel. The waters were azure blue. By the end of the the day, we had caught several kind of Snapper, a Remora, and this big beautiful Grouper. That night I ate the best grouper I’d ever had. Want to fish on Pine Island? Check out Bill Schwalm’s Better Days Pine Island Florida Fishing Charter Service. He’s a great guy, knows his stuff and is highly recommended!

Tarpon Lodge For Dinner

Tarpon Lodge for Dinner

This is second time we have been to Tarpon Lodge for dinner and again it was excellent – dinner was delicious, the service was good and the sunset view over the marina was perfect. After dinner, we strolled out to the docks to eye the beautiful fishing boats – another nice night on Pine Island.

Pine Island Sound

Out On The Sound

With the hurricane past, I ventured back out on Pine Island Sound and it was beautiful. I saw a pod of dolphins, a big Ray jumped about 5 feet out of the water and I noticed that the Osprey are back in town. The Osprey were perched on the pole tops, one  with a fish in its claws. This photo, taken at sunset, is of marker #12 just off St. James City.

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