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Bokeelia Fl White Ibis

Bokeelia White Ibis

Yesterday I was in Bokeelia and five American White Ibis were hunting by the beach. As I approached, one by one, they flew off in my direction! I kept shooting and got a couple of nice flight images – this was the best one. The juvenile White Ibis have brown, splotchy coloration and over about two years reach full white. I’ll have some more Bokeelia photos soon.

  • Apr 3
Bokeelia Beach And Palms

Bokeelia Coconuts

This photo was taken on April 2nd while looking out at Charlotte Harbor from the beach in Bokeelia. If it had been less hazy you might be able to see the Cape Haze Aquatic Preserve directly ahead or to the left Boca Grande. A few minutes after this shot was taken a large eight foot dolphin swam down the shoreline. Just another perfect day in Pine Island!

  • Apr 2
Pine Island Palm

Palms in St. James City

We never get tired of palm trees. This a Royal Palm. They grow up to 100 feet tall. Many times Royals are used in resorts because they look majestic and always grow straight! Looking for palms, bamboo or other plants on Pine Island? Try Palmco in Bokeelia…

  • Apr 1
St James City Hammock

Red Painted Toenails

Our daughter snapped this photo while relaxing in the hammock. Gotta love the laid-back lifestyle of Pine Island. The hammock is made by Pawley’s Island and has held up well so far.

  • Mar 27
Poster Old Pine Island Fish House

Old Pine Island Poster

Today we were at the Fish House in St. James City and I saw this beautiful old poster on the wall. It’s was hand painted from 1993 by Kern Baxter and the title is “Pine Island Undiscovered”. If you’re looking for fresh clams, shrimp, fish, or other seafood you should try the Fish House first.

  • Mar 26

Pine Island Secret Places

Ever wonder how beautiful Pine Island is? This video provides a taste of the interior including the many palm tree farms. Visit the youtube channel of photoguy73 for some more amazing video footage of Pine Island, FL.

  • Mar 21
Trout Fishing On Pine Island Sound

Fishing On Pine Island Sound

My Dad caught a nice trout the other day out on Pine Island Sound (and I caught three myself). He likes to troll with “double shrimp rigs” in 4 to 10 feet of water. I have to say we always catch trout this way! Not much better than fishing the flats on a nice day with your Dad. For more about fishing Pine Island check out this article at Saltwater Sportsman… 

  • Mar 14
Bokeelia Fl Airplant

Fruitscapes in Bokeelia

We just bought this little airplant from the amazing Fruitscapes in Bokeelia and placed it in a small pot with sand. Airplants are in the genus Tillandsia of which there are around 650 species. Ours is currently flowering in pink, purple and blue. Fruitscapes Nursery and their neighbor Pine Island Tropical Fruit Market are fun places to visit, on Saturdays you can eat an authentic Mexican lunch there too. Highly recommended!

  • Mar 9
Fishing Store In St James City

Olde Pine Island Marina

I stopped in this morning to buy a few things at Olde Pine Island Marine & Tackle with the gift certificate I received for my birthday. What a great store. I feel lucky we have an excellent tackle shop on Pine Island. They’ve got a big selection of fishing rods, reels, lures, some clothing, bait and more. Shown in the photo is one of the t-shirt designs called “Flat Out Livin’ on Pine Island Time” which shows a man pole-fishing on the flats, our exact latitude 26.506 and longitude 82.803 and a redfish (you can tell by the spots on the tail). The gentleman working at Olde Pine Island Marine & Tackle is extremely knowledgeable and was a former fishing guide himself – he was busy telling some kayakers where the best fishing spots were. A highly recommended stop in St. James City!

  • Mar 6

Hibiscus in St. James City

This morning I snapped this photo of a yellow hibiscus in my neighbors yard. They have a white picket fence and a beautiful large hibiscus plant growing through the pickets. Of course, Pine Island has many hibiscus in a gamut of colors, they grow very well, mostly remain pest-free, we see them everywhere! There is a large Annual Hibiscus Show in Fort Myers, usually in June – this year is the 67th annual, I think.

  • Mar 1
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