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Bokeelia Fl Fishing Pier

Bokeelia FL Fishing Pier

This is a photo of the gate on the fishing pier in Bokeelia Florida, about 4 miles off in the distance is Boca Grande. As the sign reads, the cost is $8 to pass the gate and then you can fish all day. One nice advantage is that the usual Florida fishing license is not needed, this saves you more than $30. For more info check out the Bokeelia Florida Fishing Pier website…

  • May 2
Kayak Pine Island Fl

Kayak Pine Island Sound

Yesterday I took the kayak out and saw many schools of mullet, skates, a cormorant sunning on a branch, a large heron and about a dozen pelicans. It was like glass out on the sound when I snapped this photo and added a “rainbow filter”. If you’re interested, there are several kayak and SUP rentals on Pine Island and a couple out in Matlacha too. Curious what it’s like out there? Watch this video and see some redfish being caught…

  • Apr 24
Dolphin In Canal Pine Island Florida

Dolphin Visit

Every week or so the dolphins come up our canal and hunt for fish, usually they swim as a couple. Today the two stayed near our dock for about 10 minutes and observed the humans as we snapped a few photos. This one was about 6 feet long. Beautiful!

  • Apr 23
Bokeelia Fl Whale Sign

Bokeelia Whale Watch

If you’d like to see a whale in Bokeelia keep an eye out on the left just before you reach the main fishing pier.

  • Apr 20
Manatee In Pine Island FL

Sleeping Manatees

As I was making a cup of coffee, I noticed a pair of manatees sleeping in the canal. One was around ten feet long and the other about eight. The only motion was when they would stick their snout up for air about every 2 or 3 minutes. I read last week that manatee have rebounded from the “endangered” species list and now count over 6,000 in Florida.

  • Apr 12
Osprey At Sunset Pine Island

Osprey at Sunset

In the winter, Pine Island has many breeding Osprey, some migrate from as far as South America. Quite often we see them fly overhead struggling to keep aflight because they’re carrying the heavy load of large Sheepshead fish. Usually, they quickly land atop a tree, post or nest and eat their catch. Osprey are raptors and they predominantly eat fish. Sometimes, you’ll even see them wading around in the shallow water hunting for fish.

  • Apr 10
Orchid Growing On Pine Island

Orchid Growing Island Style

This photo shows just one branch of our orchid. It has 15 blooms all at once! The Florida weather is close to perfect for an outdoor garden of orchids (as long as the moisture level is kept high enough). We’ve had good luck watering about once a week by simply running tap water through the pot and not getting the leaves wet. We learned that the “daily ice cube technique” is not the best method because of possible cold damage. We recommend orchid videos by Miss Orchid Girl. Enjoy.

  • Apr 7
Evinrude Outboard Cover Mailbox

Outboard Engine Mailbox

My Dad makes these colorful mailboxes from old outboard engine covers – this one was once an 18 H.P. EvinrudeSki Twin Electric Start. The front hatch becomes the mail door. As people drive by his mailbox they stop to look, smile and some make offers to buy – and he’s sold quite a few. Of course, we have one in front of our house now too!

  • Apr 6
Bokeelia Fl White Ibis

Bokeelia White Ibis

Yesterday I was in Bokeelia and five American White Ibis were hunting by the beach. As I approached, one by one, they flew off in my direction! I kept shooting and got a couple of nice flight images – this was the best one. The juvenile White Ibis have brown, splotchy coloration and over about two years reach full white. I’ll have some more Bokeelia photos soon.

  • Apr 3
Bokeelia Beach And Palms

Bokeelia Coconuts

This photo was taken on April 2nd while looking out at Charlotte Harbor from the beach in Bokeelia. If it had been less hazy you might be able to see the Cape Haze Aquatic Preserve directly ahead or to the left Boca Grande. A few minutes after this shot was taken a large eight foot dolphin swam down the shoreline. Just another perfect day in Pine Island!

  • Apr 2
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